Chapter 26

Stadium Facility Projects

1-26-1: Purpose

The people of the City of Boise find that it is in the interest of the City of Boise and its residents to work together in pursuing major projects and that by having a public vote on major sport stadium facility projects there will be more public involvement, more public support, and a better result. (Ord. 59-19, 12-10-2019)

1-26-2: Election Approval Required

The City of Boise shall not directly or indirectly appropriate, spend money, incur debt or expenses for the construction of or any additional aspect of any major sport stadium facility project unless the City Council of Boise has received the approval of the qualified electors of the City of Boise at a duly conducted elections. (Ord. 59-19, 12-10-2019)

1-26-3: Disclosure Of Plan And Design Proposal

A plan and design proposal for any major sport stadium facility project shall be disclosed in the notice of election. (Ord. 59-19, 12-10-2019)

1-26-4: Approval

Approval of a major sport stadium facility project occurs when the majority of votes cast are cast in favor thereof at an election held on an official election date designated by State law. (Ord. 59-19, 12-10-2019)

1-26-5: Definitions

Terms used in section 1-26-2 are defined as follows:

EXPENSES: Includes actual monetary payments, in kind assistance, the value of employee time, the value of land exchanges, direct or indirect payments to third parties and any other considerations which promotes or enhances the development of a major sport stadium facility project in any way.

Any sport stadium facility project reasonably expected to require public and/or private costs and/or expenses totaling not less than five million dollars ($5,000,000).

PLAN AND DESIGN: A proposal that includes any element of the cost, method of financing, location, design and size of a proposed new major sport stadium facility project. (Ord. 59-19, 12-10-2019)