Chapter 4

Miscellaneous Traffic Rules

6-4-1: Interference With Vehicles

It shall be unlawful for any person, not the owner thereof, to tamper, meddle or interfere with any vehicle, or start or attempt to start the machinery thereof, or puncture or otherwise mutilate the tires, scratch, mark or otherwise deface the body or apparatus thereof, or take or remove from the vehicle any part or portion of the machinery, equipment or other portion thereof, or throw any stones, rock, glass or other missile at any vehicle, or the occupants thereof. (1952 Code § 10-16-01)

6-4-2: Traffic Hazards

Any hedge, shrubbery, fence, wall or other sight obstruction of any nature, except buildings, and except trees, as defined by and conforming to title 7, chapter 3 of this Code, over three feet (3') in height from the existing centerline road elevation, existing, growing, placed or installed within a "vision triangle", the boundaries of the "vision triangle" being formed by measuring from the intersection of the edges of the roadway or the intersection of the edge of the roadway and railroad and a railroad property line to points forty feet (40') along the edges of the roadways or the edge of the roadway and the railroad property line and then connecting the two (2) points with a straight line, is hereby deemed to be a traffic hazard and is prohibited. It shall be unlawful for either the owner or the person in possession of any premises to permit such traffic hazard to exist. (1952 Code § 10-16-02)

6-4-3: Driving Across Wet Painted Traffic Lines

It shall be unlawful to drive across any painted traffic control markings while the paint is still set and traffic cones indicating such are in place. (1952 Code § 10-16-03)

6-4-4: Emergency Traffic Control Plan

In the event of an electrical power blackout and/or the malfunction of an individual or number of signalized intersections, traffic through the inoperative signalized intersections shall perform as a four-way stop. (1952 Code § 10-16-04)

6-4-5: Air Compression Brakes Prohibited

A. Use Of Air Compression Brakes Prohibited: The use of air compression brakes (also known as "jake brakes") by motor vehicles, as defined in section 6-1-1 of this title, within the City limits is hereby prohibited and shall be unlawful, except under emergency circumstances where the use of air compression brakes is necessary to prevent an accident or injury to persons or property.

B. Fire Vehicles Exempt: Motor vehicles owned and operated by a Fire Department are specifically exempted from the prohibitions of this section.

C. Penalty: Any person who violates any provision of this section shall be deemed guilty of an infraction and, upon judgment thereof, shall be subject to the fixed penalty for moving traffic infractions set by the Idaho Infraction Rule 9(b)(5). (1952 Code § 10-22-01)