Chapter 11

Open Space And Clean Water Advisory Committee

2-11-1: Committee Created

As provided in the ballot language of the 2015 City levy, there is hereby established a Citizens' Advisory Committee designated and known as the Open Space and Clean Water Advisory Committee, which shall operate only in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and Council, as specified in this chapter. (Ord. 3-16, 3-8-2016)

2-11-2: Membership; Appointment; Organization

A. Membership; Appointment: The Open Space and Clean Water Advisory Committee shall be composed of a minimum of seven (7) members, and a maximum of nine (9), each to be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.

B. Scope Of Membership: Committee membership shall be at large, not by district, with attention given to geographically diverse representation of the City and to ensuring the committee is comprised of members with expertise and experience in those areas relevant to the committee's purposes and goals, potentially to include, but not limited to, fields of ecology, wildlife biology, botany, river geomorphology, and other sciences that are important to land management and clean water; conservation experience; outdoor recreation management; real estate; environmental education; and investment management.

C. Representation: Committee membership shall, insomuch as practicable, represent the diverse spectrum of users who enjoy the Boise Foothills, the Boise River, and open space areas of the City.

D. Resident Of City: Every committee member, at the time of appointment and confirmation, and at all times of membership on the committee, shall be a resident of the City.

E. Rotational Position: One position on the committee shall be a rotating position filled by a member of the Parks and Recreation Commission, who shall be selected by nomination, second, and a majority vote of the members of the Parks and Recreation Commission present at its meeting.

F. Officers: At its first meeting, and thereafter every two (2) years, the committee, by nomination and majority vote, shall select a Chair and Vice Chair from amongst its members. The Chair and Vice Chair shall serve a two (2) year term in those capacities.

G. Subcommittees: The committee Chair, or, with the approval of one-half (1/2) plus one of the committee in attendance at a meeting, the Vice Chair, shall have authority to establish project based subcommittees and appoint members thereto.

H. Secretary; Records: The Secretary of the Parks and Recreation Commission, or such other person designated by the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, shall serve as Clerk and Secretary for the Open Space and Clean Water Advisory Committee. The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings and business of the committee, and shall ensure meeting agendas are timely posted and meeting minutes are publicly available.

I. Attendance Required: Committee members are expected to attend all committee meetings and actively participate in furthering the City's conservation goals. (Ord. 22-16, 7-12-2016)

2-11-3: Terms Of Service

A. Staggered Terms: Except as otherwise provided herein, people appointed and confirmed to the Open Space and Clean Water Advisory Committee shall serve staggered three (3) year terms.

B. Initial Terms: To stagger terms of service, up to three (3) committee membership positions may be identified as "initial one year term" positions, up to three (3) positions may be identified as "initial two (2) year term" positions, and up to three (3) positions may be identified as "initial three (3) year term" positions. Upon expiration of these initial terms, all subsequent terms shall be three (3) years in length.

C. Parks And Recreation Commission Member: The position on the Open Space and Clean Water Advisory Committee reserved for a member of the Parks and Recreation Commission will not have the staggered three (3) year term prescribed for other positions on the committee. Instead, the person selected by the Parks and Recreation Commission shall serve on the advisory committee for a term of two (2) years.

D. Vacancy: If a vacancy occurs with time remaining in an unexpired term, the Mayor may appoint a person to serve out the remainder of the unexpired term, subject to confirmation by the City Council.

E. Reappointment, Reconfirmation: Upon the expiration of a member's term of service on the committee, reappointment by the Mayor and reconfirmation by the City Council shall be required for that member to continue serving on the committee.

F. At Will; Removal: Committee members shall serve at the will and pleasure of the Mayor and City Council, and may be removed as provided in section 2-1-2 of this title. (Ord. 22-16, 7-12-2016)

2-11-4: Meetings

A. Required Meetings; Special Meetings: The committee shall, at a minimum, convene quarterly regular meetings throughout the calendar year. The committee Chair, or a majority of committee members, may call special meetings, as needed.

B. Quorum: A majority of appointed and confirmed committee members shall constitute a quorum, and a quorum shall be required for the transaction of business by the committee.

C. Conduct: Meetings of the committee shall be organized and directed in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order, as close as is practicable.

D. Agenda: An agenda shall be prepared and posted for every meeting of the committee, pursuant to Idaho's Open Meetings Law. An agenda may be amended using the procedures provided in Idaho Code section 74-204. All other public process requirements applicable to a committee of this type shall be followed. (Ord. 3-16, 3-8-2016)

2-11-5: Compensation

Members of the committee shall serve without salary or compensation, except that actual expenses shall be reimbursed, subject to the approval of the Mayor and City Council. (Ord. 3-16, 3-8-2016)

2-11-6: Duties And Responsibilities

A. Advisory Capacity: The Open Space and Clean Water Advisory Committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and City Council in each of the following ways:

1. Work in collaboration with City staff and within the framework of City management plans (such as the Interagency Foothills Management Plan, the Open Space Reserve and Boise River Resource Management Plans, and the Ridge to Rivers Master Plan), and based upon direction from City leadership, to recommend to the Mayor and Council:

a. The expenditure of funds from the 2015 levy;

b. The purchase or other acquisition of property, or the implementation of improvement projects, in areas such as the Boise Foothills and the Boise River, to further the City's goals of protecting and conserving clean water and drinking water, safeguarding critical wildlife habitat, protecting critical open space, preserving native plant species and enhancing trails and recreational opportunities; and

c. Potential partners for cost sharing opportunities, and with which the City can work to achieve its conservation goals.

2. Offer information and support on subjects and projects requiring specialized knowledge or experience.

3. Work with City staff to create an annual report detailing expenditures, projects and activities that support the City's conservation goals.

4. Promote, support and build awareness of the City's conservation goals.

5. Promote an environment of learning and continuous improvement to ensure the program makes use of the best available tools and practices for land and water conservation.

B. Commitment Of Funds Prohibited: The Open Space and Clean Water Advisory Committee is not authorized to grant, donate or otherwise commit levy funds for any purpose.

C. Code Of Ethics: Each member of the Open Space and Clean Water Advisory Committee shall comply with title 1, chapter 8, "Code Of Ethics", of this Code, and shall avoid the existence or appearance of any existing, potential or perceived conflict of interest.

D. Ballot, Management Plans Applicability: All duties and responsibilities of the Open Space and Clean Water Advisory Committee and its members shall be carried out within the framework established by the ballot language of the 2015 levy, in compliance with all relevant management plans adopted by the City, and expressly subject to the direction and approval of the Mayor and City Council. (Ord. 3-16, 3-8-2016)