Chapter 8

Arts And History Commission

2-8-1: Findings And Policy

The City Council hereby finds that it is in the public interest to create an advisory body hereafter named and appointed to assist the Mayor and City Council in carrying out the responsibilities of their offices to increase the appreciation of the arts, culture and history among the City citizens and to create and maintain an atmosphere conducive to the fullest expression of all forms of art and history in order to provide artistic satisfaction to the performer and to enrich the lives of all City citizens. (1952 Code § 2-17-01)

2-8-2: Membership; Appointment; Terms; Vacancies

A. Membership; Appointment: There is hereby created the Arts and History Commission consisting of up to seven (7) members to be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. One student member may be, at the time of appointment, under the age of twenty one (21) years. The student member shall be appointed to a term of up to one year. The term of office for each of the remaining six (6) members shall be three (3) years.

B. Vacancies: Vacancies on the commission shall be appointed by the Mayor subject to approval by the City Council. The commission shall publicly announce any vacancies, review candidates and recommend appointments to the Mayor, who shall thereafter have the right to appoint any candidate, whether or not recommended by the commission. (Ord. 9-14, 3-4-2014)

2-8-3: Organization; Compensation; Quorum

Within a reasonable time following appointment, the commission shall organize and select a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson. The members of the commission shall serve and act without compensation, except that their actual and necessary expenses shall be allowed by the Council. A majority of members of the commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. (Ord. 16-13, 6-4-2013)

2-8-4: Definitions

A. Boundaries Of The Arts: The boundaries of the arts are constantly changing, but for purposes of this chapter shall include, without limitation, all phases of the visual, performing and literary arts.

B. History: For the purposes of this chapter, "history" shall include projects, programs or activities that relate to the identity, customs, skills, history or heritage of a group of people that are transferred, communicated or passed along to succeeding generations. (1952 Code § 2-17-04)

2-8-5: Duties And Responsibilities

A. Objectives Specified: The commission shall advise and assist the Mayor and City Council to develop, coordinate and promote the visual, performing and literary arts and heritage programs and policies for the enjoyment, education, cultural enrichment and benefit of the citizens of the City. In furtherance of these duties, the commission shall have the following objectives:

1. To stimulate greater governmental and public awareness and appreciation of the importance of the arts and history.

2. To encourage the preservation and growth of the City artistic, cultural and historical resources, and foster the development of a receptive climate for the arts, culture and history.

3. To provide general assistance to the City artistic, historical and cultural organizations with information and encouragement.

4. To encourage opportunities for City residents to participate in artistic, historical and cultural activities.

5. To promote the development of City artists, institutions and community organizations sponsoring arts and historical activities.

6. To assess the arts and cultural heritage needs of the people of the City and make such information available to the City Council and all interested agencies and persons.

7. To encourage and coordinate the artistic, historical and cultural activities of other governmental agencies.

8. To seek and encourage financial support, including grants, loans and guarantees to City artists, arts institutions, historians and community organizations sponsoring arts and history activities, subject to City Council approval.

9. To represent the public interest by developing and recommending policies that pertain to arts and history to the Director of the Department of Arts and History and the City Council.

10. To represent the public interest by evaluating and making recommendations regarding the future growth of the Department of Arts and History.

11. To have superintendence and charge of all City owned public art assets.

12. To advise the City regarding the costs, benefits and other issues of acquiring cultural assets and implementing cultural programming.

13. To propose and adopt administrative rules and regulations as needed with regard to public art, heritage programs, other cultural assets or cultural programming.

14. To appoint members of the community to subcommittees to provide support to the commission.

B. Rules And Regulations Of Commission: All rules and regulations proposed and adopted by the commission shall have the force and effect of ordinance. All rules and regulations of the commission now in effect shall remain in full force and effect until amended, altered or repealed. (1952 Code § 2-17-05)

2-8-6: Meetings; Policies

The commission shall hold regular public meetings, keep a written record of its proceedings and file an annual report with the City Council summarizing its activities and setting forth recommendations. The commission shall establish policies for its internal operation. (1952 Code § 2-17-06)

2-8-7: Relationship To Department Of Arts And History

The Department of Arts and History staff, employed by the City, shall provide administrative support to the commission in its advisory function to the Mayor, City Council and to the City. (1952 Code § 2-17-07)