Chapter 6

Public Works Commission

2-6-1: Findings And Policy

The Council hereby finds and declares that it is necessary and in the best public interest to maintain an advisory body known as the Public Works Commission. The mission of the Public Works Commission shall be to ensure a safe, healthy, livable community, by advising the Public Works Department staff, making recommendations to the Mayor and City Council and deciding appeals of Public Works Department actions. (1952 Code § 2-16-01)

2-6-2: Membership; Appointment; Terms; Vacancies

A. The Public Works Commission shall consist of eight (8) members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council. Members should be chosen to provide the commission with a broad and diverse makeup of knowledge, expertise or interest in environmental and engineering issues.

B. Seven (7) of the members shall be appointed to serve terms of four (4) years. An additional eighth student member, who at the time of their first appointment must be a college undergraduate or graduate student, shall be appointed to a term of up to one year and may be reappointed for up to three (3) additional one year terms. The Director of Public Works shall be an ex officio member and shall act as Secretary to the commission. If a vacancy should occur during an unexpired term, such vacancy shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment.

C. Members of the Public Works Commission must be, at the time of their appointment and throughout the tenure of their membership, residents of the City; provided, that one member of the commission may be a resident of Ada County who resides within Boise City/Ada County area of impact.

D. The City residency requirement may be waived for an Ada County resident owning or operating a business located within the City, which receives City sewer and/or trash services. (1952 Code § 2-16-02)

2-6-3: Organization

The commission shall annually select a Chairperson and a Vice Chairperson to conduct business in accordance with the commission's duly adopted bylaws. The members of the commission and the Secretary shall serve and act without compensation, except that their actual and necessary expenses shall be allowed by the Council. The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings and proceedings of the commission and shall perform all services that may be required by the commission. (1952 Code § 2-16-03)

2-6-4: Quorum

Any four (4) members of the commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The City shall provide the necessary and suitable equipment and supplies to enable the commission to properly transact and attend to business. (1952 Code § 2-16-04)

2-6-5: Duties And Responsibilities

A. Advise On Policy Issues: The commission shall advise Mayor and Council on policy issues related to the Public Works Department operations that include, but are not limited to, the management of the wastewater collection and treatment, geothermal and irrigation systems; transportation systems as they may be developed; solid waste collection, recycling and hazardous waste programs; air and water quality programs; water resources management; and facility, engineering and technical support for other City departments.

B. Specific Duties: Specific duties of the commission shall be to:

1. Advise and support Public Works staff in achieving their goals of commitment to excellence in providing efficient, effective and accessible public services;

2. Exercise the commission's authority to hear appeals of Public Works staff actions and advise City Council on issues, including rates, ordinances and policy matters;

3. Advise and support the department in its efforts to involve and inform citizens through public education;

4. Address future community needs through participation in long range planning and strategies;

5. Serve as a sounding board for major department communication projects or initiatives, providing advice and recommendations to ensure the communication incorporates the views of the community, the City and, in particular, the Public Works Department. (1952 Code § 2-16-05)