Chapter 3

Parks And Recreation Commission

2-3-1: Definitions

COMMISSION: The Boise City Parks and Recreation Commission.

COUNCIL: The Boise City Council.

DEPARTMENT: The Boise City Department of Parks and Recreation.

DIRECTOR: The Director of the Boise City Department of Parks and Recreation or his/her designee.

PARK: Any and all lands, buildings, facilities, reserves and open space, sports complexes, swimming pool grounds, golf courses, game fields, cemeteries, community forestry, playgrounds, skate board parks, BMX facilities, zoological and/or botanical gardens, trails and other general or special use outdoor places, including the Boise River Greenbelt, that are owned, operated or maintained by Boise City or specifically included in the inventory of park properties at the Office of the Director. (Ord. 17-19, 5-14-2019)

2-3-2: Board Created; Members

There is hereby created a Boise City Parks and Recreation Commission, composed of a maximum of nine (9) members. One member may reside in the Boise City Area of City Impact. At least one member may be, at the time of appointment, under twenty one (21) years of age. One member shall be a representative of the Boise School District. The remainder of the members shall consist of citizens of the City of Boise at large. The Mayor shall appoint and the Council shall confirm commission members for the terms of office provided in this chapter. A majority of the commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business of the commission. (Ord. 17-19, 5-14-2019)

2-3-3: Appointments; Term

All appointments and terms of office of the commission shall be for a term of three (3) years; provided that the student member shall be appointed to a term not to exceed one year. Appointments to fill a vacancy, or to complete an unexpired term, shall be for the remainder of the unexpired term only.

The officers of the commission shall consist of a President and a Vice President to be selected by the commission from among its members, to serve as such officers for one year; provided, that the President of the commission shall be ineligible to succeed himself for consecutive terms of office. The commission shall also designate a Secretary who need not be a member of the commission. (Ord. 17-19, 5-14-2019)

2-3-4: Compensation

All members of the commission and the officers thereof shall serve without salary or compensation, but their actual and necessary expenses shall be allowed by the City. The City shall provide the necessary and suitable equipment and supplies to enable the commission to properly transact and attend to its business. (Ord. 17-19, 5-14-2019)

2-3-5: Powers And Duties

The commission shall have the following powers and duties:

A. To propose plans, recommendations and suggestions for the purpose of planning for future growth and development of parks, whether located within or outside City limits, and whether to be purchased, leased, devised, or bequeathed to the City for park and recreation purposes;

B. To study the economic and physical conditions and issues in connection with the maintenance, operation, regulation, control, and use of parks, and to make recommendations regarding the same to Mayor and Council;

C. To propose rules and regulations for the regulation, control and use of parks, and the maintenance and operation necessary or convenient for the proper orderly and efficient administration, operation, superintendence, and control of parks;

D. To promote public interest and recommend the development, use, control, and expansion of needed, and required parks;

E. To recommend rules and regulations for governing fees and charges for the use of parks including, but not limited to fees and charges for all recreational or other programs and team sports sponsored by the department or in which the department is the primary sponsoring entity. (Ord. 17-19, 5-14-2019)