Chapter 1

Rules, Regulations And Requirements

2-1-1: Scope

It is hereby determined by the City Council that a single, cohesive and consistent policy is required to order the relationship of all City boards and commissions pursuant to this Code and State law. (1952 Code § 2-01-01)

2-1-2: Appointments

Unless otherwise provided, all appointments to boards or commissions which shall be permanent boards or commissions shall be made by the Mayor, with the consent of the City Council. All members of boards or commissions may be removed from service on such boards and commissions in a like manner as is provided for their appointment. (1952 Code § 2-01-05; amd. 2019 Code)

2-1-3: Residency Requirement

Unless otherwise provided by this Code, members of every City board or commission must be, at the time of their appointment and throughout the tenure of their membership, residents of the City, however, it is provided herein that one member of a board and commission may be a resident of Ada County who resides within Boise City/Ada County area of impact, as that document may, from time to time, be amended, except as provided for by sections 2-5-3 and 2-15-1 of this title. (Ord. 7-14, 2-4-2014)

2-1-4: Duties Specified

Unless specific activities or duties are enumerated elsewhere in this Code, all City boards and commissions shall operate in an advisory capacity only to the Mayor and the City Council. Any activities, duties or responsibilities delegated by permanent boards and commissions shall be by ordinance and not otherwise. (1952 Code § 2-01-02)

2-1-5: Compensation

Unless otherwise provided in this Code, all members of any City boards and commissions shall serve without compensation. However, actual and necessary expenses may be allowed with the prior approval of the Mayor and City Council. (1952 Code § 2-01-03)

2-1-6: Organization; Reports To Council

A. Unless otherwise provided in this Code, each City board or commission shall provide its own manner of organizing its manner of doing business, including, but not limited to, the regularity of its meetings.

B. Each City board or commission shall provide minutes of its meetings to the City Council after each regular or special meeting of such board or commission. Each City board or commission shall maintain such records as are required by law, provided for in the internal organization of the board or commission or as the Mayor or City Council may from time to time require or request. (1952 Code § 2-01-04)

2-1-7: Resignations Or Vacancies

Should any member of any City board or commission resign or should a vacancy on any City board or commission become available, a replacement board or commission member shall be appointed in a manner consistent with this chapter to fill out the term of office for that originally provided for the member resigning or vacating office on such board or commission. (1952 Code § 2-01-07)