Chapter 7

Officers And Employees

1-7-1: Applicability

The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all Municipal employees, unless otherwise fixed by collective bargaining agreement. (Ord. 24-16, 8-9-2016)

1-7-2: Appointment Of Officers

A. Appointment: The Mayor, with the consent of the Council, shall appoint all department heads, the Ex Officio City Treasurer, the Ex Officio City Clerk, and all employees covered by subsection 1-6-1B of this title of the Mayor's Office. All positions shall be collectively referred to as "appointive officers".

B. Confirmation: If the Council shall refuse to confirm any nomination, the Mayor shall then, within ten (10) days thereafter, nominate another person to fill the office and he or she may continue to so nominate until his or her nominee is confirmed. If the Mayor fails to make another nomination for the same office within ten (10) days after the rejection of a nominee, the Council shall appoint a suitable person to fill the office. The affirmative vote of one-half (1/2) plus one of the full Council shall be required to confirm any nomination made by the Mayor.

C. Vacancy: Whenever a vacancy shall occur in an appointive office, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment in the same manner as the original appointment.

D. Removal: Any appointive officer may be removed by the Mayor for any cause deemed sufficient, but such removal shall be by and with the affirmative vote of one-half (1/2) plus one of the members of the full Council; provided, that the Council, by the unanimous vote of all of its members, may upon their own initiative remove any appointive officer.

E. Salaries: Initial salaries and any salary changes for all appointive officers shall be set by the Mayor, with the consent of the Council. (1952 Code § 1-06-03)

1-7-3: Established Departments And Director Duties

A. Established Departments: The following are established departments within the City:

Arts and History


Finance and Administration


Human Resources

Information Technology




Parks and Recreation

Planning and Development Services


Public Works

B. Director Duties: It shall be the Director of each department's duty to:

1. Be responsible for the effective administration of their respective departments and all activities assigned thereto;

2. Keep informed as to the latest practices in their particular field and inaugurate, with the approval of the Mayor and Council, such new practices as appear to be of benefit to the City and to the public;

3. Establish and maintain records and reports in sufficient detail to furnish all information necessary for proper control of departmental activities and to form a basis for reports required by the Mayor and Council;

4. Be responsible for the proper maintenance of all City property and equipment used in his department. (1952 Code § 1-06-04)

1-7-4: Bonds; Amount

The minimum penal sum of the bond for the respective officers and employees of the City shall be:

Ex Officio Treasurer $500,000.00
Ex Officio City Clerk 50,000.00

and fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00) for every other officer or employee. The bond for officers or employees, other than the City Treasurer, may be a blanket employees bond, but the penalty thereof shall be several. The penalty of all bonds shall be yearly. (1952 Code § 1-06-10)