Chapter 3


1-3-1: Construction Of Words

A. Liberal Construction: All general provisions, terms, phrases and expressions contained in this Code shall be liberally construed in order that the true intent and meaning of the City Council may be fully carried out.

B. Interpretation: In the interpretation and application of any provision of this Code, it shall be held to be the minimum requirements adopted for the promotion of the public health, safety and general welfare. Where any provision of a Code imposes greater restrictions upon the subject matter than the general provision imposed by this Code, the provision imposing the greater restriction or regulation shall be deemed to be controlling.

C. Additional Interpretations:

1. Computation Of Time: Computation of time shall be as set forth in Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure 6(a).

2. Delegation Of Authority: Whenever a provision appears requiring the head of a department or some other City officer to do some act or perform some duty, it is to be construed to authorize the head of the department or other officer to designate, delegate and authorize subordinates to perform the required act or perform the duty unless the terms of the provision or section specify otherwise.

3. Gender: A word importing the masculine gender only shall extend and be applied to females and to firms, partnerships and corporations as well as to males.

4. Joint Authority: All words giving a joint authority to three (3) or more persons or officers shall be construed as giving such authority to a majority of such persons or officers.

5. May/Shall: The word "may" is permissive; the word "shall" is mandatory.

6. Nontechnical And Technical Words: Words and phrases shall be construed according to the common and approved usage of the language, but technical words and phrases and such others as may have acquired a peculiar and appropriate meaning in law shall be construed and understood according to such meaning.

7. Number: A word importing the singular number only may extend and be applied to several persons and things as well as to one person and thing.

8. Officers Generally: Whenever any officer is referred by title, such as "Clerk", "Treasurer", etc., such reference shall be construed as if followed by the words "of Boise City, Idaho".

9. Tense: Words used in the past or present tense include the future as well as the past and present. (2019 Code)

1-3-2: General Definitions

Whenever the following words or terms are used in this Code, they shall have such meanings herein ascribed to them, unless the context makes such meaning repugnant thereto:

CITY CODE: The City Code of Boise City, Idaho, and amendments thereto.

CITY COUNCIL: Unless otherwise indicated, the City Council of Boise City, Idaho.

COUNTY: The County of Ada, State of Idaho.

FEE: A sum of money charged by the City for the carrying on of a business, profession or occupation, or other activity subject to City regulation, authorization or limitation.

PERSON: Any public or private corporation, firm, partnership, association, organization, government or any other group acting as a unit, as well as a natural person.

REASONABLE TIME: In all cases where any ordinance requires that an act be done in a reasonable time or that reasonable notice be given, such reasonable time for such notice shall be deemed to mean such time as may be necessary for the expeditious performance of such duty or compliance with such notice.

STATE: The State of Idaho.

WRITTEN, IN WRITING: Printing and any other mode of representing words and letters, but when the written signature of any person is required by law on any official or public writing or bond, it shall be in the proper handwriting of such person, or in case such person is unable to write, by such person's proper mark. (2019 Code)

1-3-3: Catchlines

The catchlines of the several sections of this Code are intended as mere catchwords to indicate the content of the section and shall not be deemed or taken to be titles of such sections, nor be deemed to govern, limit, modify or in any manner affect the scope, meaning or intent of the provisions of any section hereof, nor unless expressly so provided, shall they be so deemed when any of such sections, including the catchlines, are amended or reenacted. (2019 Code)