Chapter 11

Stopping For Loading Or Unloading

6-11-1: Authority To Designate Curb Loading Zones

A. Authority: The Parking Services Office is hereby authorized to determine the location of curb loading zones and may place and maintain appropriate signs indicating the same and stating the hours during which the provisions of this article are applicable.

B. Guidelines: In determining the placement of on street loading zone locations, the following guidelines will apply:

1. Loading zones will be twenty five feet (25') to thirty feet (30') or multiples thereof and will be located on the approach side to intersections.

2. Loading zones are warranted based on the following criteria:

a. No alley or off street space is available for loading use.

b. No curb loading space within one hundred feet (100') of proposed zone without crossing a street or alley, except in an area of concentrated activity.

c. A minimum of ten (10) to fifteen (15) stops per day by pick up and/or delivery per business, or combination of businesses proposing to use the zone. (1952 Code § 10-12-01)

6-11-2: Standing In Curb Loading Zones

No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle for any purpose or period of time other than for the expeditious loading or unloading of passengers, supplies and merchandise in any place marked as curb loading zone during hours when the provisions applicable to such zones are in effect. In no case shall the stop for loading and unloading exceed thirty (30) minutes for trucks or ten (10) minutes for passenger vehicles. (1952 Code § 10-12-02)